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10 Jobs That Let You Travel the World While You Work

syberscribe - Travel the World While You Work

Travelling the world is a dream come true. There are so many different places to see, so many cultures to experience, and so many things to learn. Travelling can be a life changing experience – but what if it wasn’t just for a holiday? What if you...Read more

How to Eliminate Medical Transcription Backlogs

syberscribe - How to Eliminate Medical Transcription Backlogs

A backlog of dictated voice files can create a whole host of problems for a medical facility. Incomplete medical records can lead to delays in billing, angry physicians and unnecessarily long hospital stays for patients. It can also mean overworked in hou...Read more

Best Practice Tips and Advice for Better Medical Record Keeping

Medical record keeping is under increasing scrutiny in Australia, with practitioners under pressure to meet higher standards for their patients. Matters aren’t helped by increasing pressure on medical facilities, with less government support and funding...Read more

The Freedom to Work Anywhere: Starting Your Career as a Medical Transcriptionist

Remote working is an increasingly popular option for many people who want a more flexible work and life balance. But you don’t have to be a technology professional to make good money working from home. And there are many reasons why medical transcri...Read more

Medical Transcription Courses in Australia

Medical Transcription Courses in Australia

Medical transcription plays an important role in the healthcare industry and due to the ability to work online from home, it is becoming a popular career choice for graduates and those looking for a new career. And with most healthcare providers now outso...Read more

Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

Syberscribe - Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists provide an essential service to patients and health-care providers: accurate, detailed medical records. While it’s difficult to predict how much the industry will grow, one report has demand for medical transcriptionists rising...Read more

19 Mind-Blowing Medical Advances in the Past 8 Years

Driverless cars, artificial intelligence, smart watches – the future is truly upon us. With science and technology developing so quickly, medical breakthroughs continue to be made every day around the world. But what are some of the most profound advanc...Read more

12 Skills that Employers Look for in a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription is an in-demand profession that offers good remuneration and the possibility of flexible working arrangements for transcriptionists. Medical transcriptionists work with technical medical language and they’re required to deliver acc...Read more

The Importance of Managing Patient Flow Accurately

All over the world, hospitals face a critical problem, which is that there are always more people seeking treatment than there are facilities to provide care for them. This puts pressure on administrators, and in turn the health care professionals who wor...Read more

Improve your Typing Speed with these Apps and Online Courses

While it’s often under-appreciated, being fast and efficient with a keyboard is one of the best skills that office workers can develop in this day and age. Fast typing increases efficiency in a number of ways – you can respond to emails faster, type f...Read more