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Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

Syberscribe - Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists provide an essential service to patients and health-care providers: accurate, detailed medical records. While it’s difficult to predict how much the industry will grow, one report has demand for medical transcriptionists rising...Read more

19 Mind-Blowing Medical Advances in the Past 8 Years

Driverless cars, artificial intelligence, smart watches – the future is truly upon us. With science and technology developing so quickly, medical breakthroughs continue to be made every day around the world. But what are some of the most profound advanc...Read more

12 Skills that Employers Look for in a Medical Transcriptionist


Medical transcription is an in-demand profession that offers good remuneration and the possibility of flexible working arrangements for transcriptionists. Medical transcriptionists work with technical medical language and they’re required to deliver acc...Read more

The Importance of Managing Patient Flow Accurately


All over the world, hospitals face a critical problem, which is that there are always more people seeking treatment than there are facilities to provide care for them. This puts pressure on administrators, and in turn the health care professionals who wor...Read more

Improve your Typing Speed with these Apps and Online Courses


While it’s often under-appreciated, being fast and efficient with a keyboard is one of the best skills that office workers can develop in this day and age. Fast typing increases efficiency in a number of ways – you can respond to emails faster, type f...Read more

How Can Hospitals Benefit from Outsourcing Medical Transcriptions?


There are many reasons why numerous organisations in the healthcare and medical field outsource their transcription services. From significant cost savings to accessing expert transcriptionists, these benefits of outsourced transcription services can supp...Read more

Patient Privacy and Confidentiality – Your Responsibilities As A Medical Transcriber


Medical transcribers deal with sensitive health information and they have specific obligations that are often protected by the law. Like others who deal with medical information, medical transcribers are required to observe privacy and confidentiality law...Read more

Pros And Cons Of Working As A Medical Transcriber

If you’ve been looking for a new job role, you may have heard about opportunities for a position as a “medical transcriber”. This is a highly rewarding role in the medical industry which involves transcribing verbal medical notes into text, and can ...Read more

How To Enhance Your Online Security When Storing Medical Records In The Cloud


Cloud computing has not only made real-time collaboration for individuals and businesses an everyday reality, it has also made it easier for healthcare providers to share information about patients. In our last post, we talked about the Importance of Onli...Read more

The Importance of Online Security when Storing Medical Records on the Cloud

People are liable to treat the web with a much more laissez-faire approach than it deserves. But the digital world can be perilous, and when you’re dealing with confidential, sensitive information, you should exercise care at all times. Electronic media...Read more