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Highly-Qualified Medical

SyberScribe is a leader in intelligent medical transcription services to the healthcare industry. We’ve been in operation for 20 years, and in that time serviced thousands of doctors and practices in helping them to keep their medical records up to date and accurate.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive editing process to guarantee a 98% accuracy, while also offering a 24/7 medical transcription service which delivers copy within a day (and can be rushed for even more urgent projects).

Our team of highly qualified medical typists, backed by industry-leading and fully compliant technology platforms, handles the management and delivery of sensitive and regulated data with the highest security standards.

We invest in innovation, with smartphone and tablet apps, and free secure electronic delivery providing our clients with complete convenience.

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Providing Secured Transcription services is at the forefront of our business

We handle incredibly sensitive and highly regulated data at SyberScribe. In recognising this, we use only the most secure platforms when delivering to you the completed documents.

We are fully HIPAA compliant, meaning that our systems and services meet the strictest of government regulations in handling patient data and records. We have achieved this through the use of robust data encryption (128 bit/SSL) and passwords, as well as regular whole-of-IT backups and anti-virus and malware checks. We further provide complete transparency into our services and ensure the integrity of our processes with audit trails.

When it comes time to deliver files, our systems will connect directly and securely with yours, and deliver the files directly and electronically. That way, there is no risk of documents being lost, misplaced, or stolen in transit.

Our Policy compliant service you can trust

The other side to the security question is the people. Having people who you can trust to handle sensitive data with the utmost of care is essential, and at SyberScribe, each member of our team makes sure that, at all times, they treat confidentiality with the utmost of respect and gravity.

To ensure the convenience of our services, we work with a broad range of highly skilled medical typists, who are home based and are not required to work from our office. Our cloud hosted systems provide high security and encryption to enable our typists to remotely access their work at any time of the day or night.

We go above and beyond to ensure that SyberScribe isn’t just convenient and efficient, but it’s a service in which you can trust. The specialised knowledge that we approach our work with means that you can trust that we understand the sensitivities of data regulation in the medical industry, and you can safely adopt our services without it adding to the risk management burden.

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We provide great efficiency with
modern technology

Technology is having a revolutionary impact in healthcare, with patient records digitisation improving the accuracy and speed of healthcare.

However, the transformation can potentially add another layer of complexity to the work that doctors, nurses, and other busy healthcare staff struggle to handle. Asking a doctor to transcribe their own notes is a recipe for disaster, as it actively encourages the doctor to put it on the back burner until the size of the task becomes insurmountable.

SyberScribe’s great benefit to the industry is that we offer a seamless, secure, and smooth outsourcing solution to the problem. You send us the files that need to be transcribed, and then we send them back, properly formatted and structured to be associated with the patient’s file. It’s a hands-off solution that saves time, improves accuracy, and frees your internal staff to focus on the higher-value tasks within the business.

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