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Medical Transcription Courses in Australia

Medical Transcription Courses in Australia

Medical transcription plays an important role in the healthcare industry and is becoming a popular career choice for graduates and those looking for a new career. And with most healthcare providers now outsourcing their transcription work, there’s never...Read more

The Importance of Accurately Managing Patient Flow

Hospitals all over the world face the same critical problem; more people seeking treatment than there are facilities to provide care for them. This puts pressure on administrators and health care professionals to try and move patients from inpatient to ou...Read more

Improve Your Typing Speed with These Apps and Online Courses

Syberscribe - These Apps and Online Courses

For any professional transcriptionist, having a high, accurate word count is essential. But touch typing is useful for other careers as well. For most office and admin workers, accurate typing is essential and for school children, confidence in typing can...Read more

Medical Records: 6 Tips to Convert Paper to Digital

Want to reduce your paper medical records and start implementing electronic records? Electronic medical records provide many benefits, such as real-time data, safety alerts, and offering patients better, immediate access to care. They also provide cost sa...Read more

10 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology for 2019 and Beyond

Digital and mobile technologies are bringing huge benefits to the healthcare sector. By embracing these new technologies, healthcare organisations can improve patient health outcomes, be cost-effective, and provide timely care. Patients will also be able ...Read more

The Future of Medical Transcription

Will medical transcriptionists be replaced by voice recognition systems? Computers are great, but they can’t do everything a human being can. A human is much more reliable than a computer, and when you’re talking medical transcripts, reliability is ev...Read more

Top Twenty Medical Journals

Having access to the top medical journals is essential in producing quality writing in the medical field. Reading journals on a consistent basis ensures that you’re up to date with all the latest medical breakthroughs, and this can help you substantiate...Read more

12 Skills that Employers Look for in a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription is an in-demand profession that offers good remuneration and the possibility of flexible working arrangements. For instance, many transcriptionists have the opportunity to work remotely from home, providing they have the space to wor...Read more

19 Mind-Blowing Medical Advances in the Past 9 Years

Driverless cars, artificial intelligence, smartwatches are more – the future is truly upon us. With science and technology developing so quickly, medical breakthroughs continue to be made every day all around the world. But what are some of the most...Read more

12 Powerful Medical Documentaries You Should Watch

As a medical professional, it’s essential to stay up to date and informed about the latest technology and procedures. While we can certainly get all that information from books, it can be refreshing to catch a powerful and insightful documentary that re...Read more