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What You Need to Know When Starting a Medical Practice


Opening a medical practice requires lots of planning and preparation, especially in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry. The good news is, this year is looking pretty great for the medical field — there have been a number of initiatives that ran...Read more

How to Keep a Patient’s Medical Data Secure

SyberScribe - Medical Data Secure

In today’s information age, the everyday use of terms such as ‘data mining’ and ‘identity theft’ point to the growing use of information both as a tool and as a weapon. As some of the world’s largest companies own up to major data breaches, th...Read more

Medical Practice Efficiency Strategies to Improve Patient Care

Healthcare expenditure is increasing steadily around the world, with Australia now spending more than AUD$170 billion a year. And yet despite a rapidly growing investment in health care resources, medical practice at the grassroots level still often invol...Read more

16 Useful Medical Podcasts for Healthcare Professionals

SyberScribe - Useful Medical Podcasts

Podcasts are fantastic – they can keep you fascinated and informed for hours on end. The amazing thing is, there are podcasts about pretty much anything you can think of, including medicine and natural sciences. Whether you’re a healthcare profess...Read more

5 Fun Facts About Medical Transcription


Some people may not realise the importance of medical transcription and how much is needed nowadays. It’s probably because it sounds like an old practice (it is) that shouldn’t be required in the age of smartphones, video chats and high-tech recording...Read more

The Best Ways to Reduce Stress and Burnout in Radiology Practice

Syberscribe - Reduce Stress and Burnout in Radiology Practice

If you’ve been working in Radiology for any length of time you know that many practices can be stressful. Staff burnout is more common than you think and often there simply aren’t processes in place to effectively reduce stress for Radiology staff. Fo...Read more

Improve Your Typing Speed with These Apps and Online Courses

Syberscribe - These Apps and Online Courses

For any professional transcriptionist, having a high, accurate word count is essential. But touch typing is useful for other careers as well. According to a Digital Australia report, Australians spend about 10 hours a day online, much of it in front of a ...Read more

The 15 Best TED Talks On The Future Of Medicine

SyberScribe - TED Talks On The Future Of Medicine

Medicine is built on progress. Looking back over the past few decades, we’ve come along in leaps and bounds. But what lies ahead for the future of medicine? Change does happen overnight, but the future looks bright if these 15 inspiring TED Talks ar...Read more

Improve Your Dictation with These Tips

An increasing number of people in the medical profession are turning to audio reports. Rather than spending hours sitting at your computer, you can dictate directly to a recording device and save yourself some time. In addition to being a faster option, y...Read more

7 Tips to Improve Your Medical Transcription Skills

syberscribe - Improve Medical Transcription Skills

Medical transcription is all about speed and accuracy, which can be a tricky combination when you’re required to write about health conditions and actual human beings. Time efficiency is a must, and transcripts are usually needed as soon as possible so ...Read more