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10 Jobs That Let You Travel the World While You Work

SyberScribe AUTHOR: SyberScribe, October 3rd, 2017

syberscribe - Travel the World While You Work

Travelling the world is a dream come true. There are so many different places to see, so many cultures to experience, and so many things to learn. Travelling can be a life changing experience – but what if it wasn’t just for a holiday? What if you could make travelling a lifestyle?

You’ll be glad to know there are many different jobs that can allow you to travel the world while you work. So if you’re interested in choosing a career path that’ll allow you to discover what’s out there while still making money and gaining skills, keep reading to learn about 10 jobs that will let you do that.

1. Web developer

If you’re technically minded and able to think logically, then a career as a web developer could be for you. You’ll probably need to know HTML, CSS, and javascript as a minimum, although there are so many niches in web development that you could find yourself working on user experience or accessibility standards.

2. Freelance graphic designer

Sure, it’s a big commitment to pack up everything and go, but if you’re working as a freelance graphic designer it’s a very real possibility. While working freelance doesn’t have the same amount of security, if you are able to generate enough business (and a few regular clients) it’s possible to have a reasonably consistent income. Of course, it will also help if you’re good at sticking to a budget.

3. Medical transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist is someone who converts voice-recorded reports from medical professionals into text format. It’s completely possible to do this from anywhere that has an internet connection and there’s a growing demand for skilled transcriptionists. It might help to have some medical knowledge (and in some cases is necessary so consider taking a course before hitting the road), although it is also very important to have the ability to type quickly and accurately.For the right person, medical transcription can offer a rewarding career as you play an instrumental part in maintaining the health of patients and supporting doctors. It also allows you to constantly learn and improve your own skillset, furthering your personal and professional development.

Learn more about how to build a career as a medical transcriber here. SyberScribe is a leading provider of transcription services to the medical industry. We offer rapid turnaround times and accurate transcriptions through our state-of-the-art transcription platform. If you’re ready to take the plunge, why not check out the SyberScribe jobs page for more information on starting work as a medical transcriptionist.

4. Online trading

It’s definitely possible to make a reasonable income via the online trading of stocks, but there is the very real risk that instead of making money you will lose it. Trading suits someone with a finance background and an aptitude for risk, so this option isn’t for everyone.

5. Teach English overseas

If you’re a native English speaker you already have a skill that’s in high demand. You will be able to find work as an English teacher in just about any foreign country that doesn’t speak English as a first language. Although the pay is not always super high, it’s a really great way to experience different cultures by utilising the skills and knowledge that you probably take for granted.

6. Adventure sports

If you’re an expert in any kind of action sport there’s probably a way to travel the world with it. Snowboarders and skiers are in demand as instructors all over the world, with back to back snow seasons on offer for those who love winter. Alternatively, rafting, hiking, skydiving and other adventure sports offer employment at exciting locations around the world.

7. Hospitality

The field of hospitality is a great way to find work in exciting locations. It’s possible to work in anything from a local burger shop, to an upmarket 5-star resort on the beach. If you work with an international chain you are also likely to have easy access to international locations.

8. Open an online store

There are different business models that revolve around the concept of an online store – and not all of them involve stocking physical inventory. For example, you could sell virtual products, such as books and podcasts or you could sell goods on behalf of someone else, which is better known as drop shipping. You can also sell products on a site such as Amazon, and have them handle the logistics of storing and delivering the goods for you. It’s pretty easy to set up an online store these days, the tricky part is marketing the store and generating consistent revenue, but it’s certainly possible for the entrepreneurial minds out there.

9. Writer

There are many different ways to make money as a writer, whether that’s by releasing a book, working for a company as a copywriter, or doing freelance work, it’s another great option that can be done from anywhere.

10. Cruise ship and private yachts

Work on an ocean liner as a chef, cleaner, entertainer, waiter or a host of other jobs and enjoy the travelling lifestyle stopping off at top tourist destinations all over the world. While you’ll be on the ship most of the time, it’s also a great way to meet new people and have a lot of fun. And while you don’t have full autonomy over where you will stop, it’s certainly a good way to see some interesting locations.

You might not have considered it before, but there really are many different ways to travel the world and get paid while doing it. So instead of just booking a holiday, why not make it a lifestyle decision, and spend the next few years doing something that you love on the road?