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How Can Hospitals Benefit from Outsourcing Medical Transcriptions?

SyberScribe AUTHOR: SyberScribe, December 2nd, 2016

There are many reasons why numerous organisations in the healthcare and medical field outsource their transcription services. From significant cost savings to accessing expert transcriptionists, these benefits of outsourced transcription services can support you in delivering better outcomes in just about all operational levels of your hospital.

1. Significant cost savings

Reputable medical transcription businesses offer highly competitive transcription rates. When you outsource your medical transcription operations, you’re not only saving on transcription labour costs. The medical transcription business bears all costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment, HRM, and training and administration.

  • Equipment – Outsourcing your transcription requirements saves you from having to purchase transcription equipment such as computers, dictation systems, foot pedals, headsets, and keyboards. You don’t need to maintain hardware or transcription software, which can include ongoing software subscription costs.
  • HRM – Recruitment, selection, interviewing, and payroll are just some HRM functions that you won’t have to maintain in-house by outsourcing your medical transcription services. For a high-attrition industry such as transcription, the associated costs of these functions can be significant.
  • Training and administration – Staff training and administration costs are necessary if you’re maintaining a team of transcriptionists. These costs can be considerable as training and administration involves additional line managers, and extra resources and time.

2. Time savings

Medical transcription is required across different hospital departments such as emergency rooms and on-call services. Outsourced medical transcription services means you can save you, and your hospital staff, time spent in managing an in-house team and fully dedicate your attention on the core business activity of providing health care. If you work with a reputable service, guaranteed rapid turnaround times are another cost saver that can ensure your internal operations are smoothly managed.

3. Access expert transcriptionists

Reputable medical transcription organisations have rigorous selection processes and staff training programs for their transcriptions, quality assurers, and editors. You will be able to access experts with many years of experience with the most challenging of medical terminology, without having to dedicate time and resources to hiring and training staff by yourself.

4. Leverage streamlined workflow systems

Transcription businesses have complex workflow systems that facilitate high standards, accuracy, and on-time transcription delivery. These backroom systems are designed for security, convenience, and reduced friction in workflow. This means you can integrate these outsourced services into your internal processes with minimal hassle and without any on-boarding or additional training for doctors and administrative staff who are uploading files and accessing transcriptions.

5. Quality, accuracy, and compliance

If you work with a reputable service, you can rely on them for high quality transcriptions that meet strict accuracy standards. The transcription business will incorporate checks such as editing, proofreading, and reviewing into their procedures to ensure quality, as they likely have editors and quality-assurance staff for these procedures. Transcriptionists will be familiar with specialist terminology in fields such as neurology, cardiology, and more.

They can work with you to conform to particular formatting, editing, or presentation requirements. A quality service will always ensure that their processes comply with Australian privacy, security, and medical information laws and regulations.

6. Convenience and ease of use

Medical transcription services can be easily integrated into your internal processes. Whether a doctor, administration assistant, or some other staff member is utilising the service directly, a reputable company will have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, with minimal learning or training required for the individual.

You might be able to upload files through a browser, through a smartphone, or simply send it in via email. There might be options to specify how you’d like the reports to be delivered, whether this is through your user account accessible through a browser, or through email delivery.

Outsourcing medical transcriptions can also facilitate better access to reports without you having to dedicate administrative personnel to manage and organise electronic files. Staff in different locations might be able to access all your past transcriptions simply by logging into the user account and using the user dashboard to locate the file they need.

7. Rapid turnaround times

A reputable medical transcription service will have a rostered team of typists so you can be certain that your reports will be delivered within strict deadlines. Some may offer rush or 24-hour turnaround times. This means hospitals can enjoy all the benefits of on-time and rush turnaround without having to maintain an in-house team with all its associated costs.

8. Accommodate fluctuations in volume

Outsourced medical transcription gives you the benefit of scalability and large fluctuations in demand. A hospital’s volume requirements can vary greatly from week to week and by season, and outsourcing this function means you can still benefit from having a team of expert medical typists at a moment’s notice without having to devote capital and resources to maintaining a team of staff who might be working a considerable amount of time one week and have nothing to do in the next.

With an outsourced medical transcription service, you might be able to have a little as a ten-minute file transcribed one day and then have hundreds of hours completed the next day. This accommodation of massive fluctuations of volume is another reason why many hospitals choose to outsource their transcription.

The advantages of outsourcing medical transcription services

It’s easy to see why many hospitals take advantage of outsourced medical transcription services. The access to expertise, specialist equipment, accuracy, and compliance – all without the need to invest resources and funds in a dedicated in-house team – are the key benefits of outsourcing this non-core area of your operations.