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How Medical Transcription Can Help Progress Your Career

SyberScribe AUTHOR: SyberScribe, January 28th, 2022

In the healthcare system, medical transcriptionists are more important than ever before. As a transcription service both lessens a doctor’s work load and helps doctors provide quality and adequate care, this is a very rewarding career option. 

Aside from professional satisfaction, medical transcription also offers great personal benefits. Whether you’re looking to use medical transcription as a stepping stone to another role within the profession or you’re looking for a flexible job opportunity that will help you discover your passion, medical transcription has something for everyone. 

Defining medical transcription

The role of a medical transcriptionist revolves around listening to and transcribing medical reports that have been recorded by doctors, specialists and other professionals within the healthcare industry. 

Once the audio file has been transcribed, transcriptionists are required to review and edit the documents, ensuring that everything from medical terminology to basic grammar is used appropriately. This way, the finished document is as accurate as possible. 

Medical transcriptionists possess a range of key attributes

  • Fast typing speed
  • Word processing ability
  • Administration capabilities 
  • Organisation
  • Time management 
  • Understanding of medical terminology 
  • Listening skills
  • Good grammar 

The benefits of the role 

Working as a medical transcriptionist is an extremely rewarding career. By being there to support doctors and other healthcare professionals, medical transcriptionists can give these professionals the time required in order to provide care. 

With medical transcriptionists available to transcribe patient records, doctors and specialists can limit the time needed to complete paperwork. This free time is then devoted to helping patients. With the healthcare system more in demand than ever before, medical transcriptionists couldn’t be more important. 

While medical transcriptionists prove great assets to the healthcare system, there are also many individual benefits to such a role. In fact, medical transcriptionists enjoy a level of working flexibility, all the while building a network of working contacts. 

Build a network 

Medical transcriptionists are known to build a large network of connections. By offering the freedom to work for different doctors, specialists and hospitals, transcribers build connections with a vast range of people. 

On one hand, this means that there is always a level of variety to the work that transcriptionists complete. On the other hand, this means that transcribers get to interact with a large cross-section of people, which could have the benefit of opening up new doors. 

The level of flexibility involved in being a medical transcriber also affords opportunities for transcriptionists to attend events and conventions. This is because transcribers can still travel and complete their work. 

By having access to medical conventions and events, both locally and around the world, transcribers are afforded yet another opportunity to build their network. This could benefit those looking for more work and those looking to use medical transcription as a stepping stone into other jobs within the medical industry. 

Work flexibly 

One of the great things about medical transcription is the inherent flexibility of this role. This is because medical transcription affords you the time and flexibility to work how you want, where you want.

For example, one medical transcriptionist could work two days a week in a doctor’s office while another transcriptionist works five days a week from their home office for a hospital, dental practice and specialist’s office. When becoming a transcriptionist, when and where you work is up to you.

This flexibility means that you can enjoy employment while raising a young family, completing the daily school drop off, or even as a way to supplement your income while you complete a degree or course. 

Medical transcription also poses as a great first step into the medical industry. By working in the healthcare environment and dealing with medical terminology on a day to day basis, it’s a great introduction to medicine. Helping you decide if this industry is for you before having to commit to a multi-year degree. 

Job security 

Working as a medical transcriptionist also affords a level of job security. In uncertain and tumultuous times, the existence and sheer importance of job security can never be overestimated.

Even in the modern day, with inventions like speech recognition and robotic software, human medical transcriptionists are still in demand. This is because humans offer a certain level of accuracy that is paramount when it comes to patient care. 

With the healthcare industry only growing, there will always be a hospital, specialist’s office or even general practice that requires medical transcription and the quality that human transcribers can provide. 

Why choose medical transcription?

Put simply, medical transcription is an extremely rewarding career. Not only do medical transcribers help alleviate the demands on doctors and other healthcare professionals, transcribers also play a key role in ensuring that patients receive adequate care. 

While professionally rewarding, transcribers are also afforded personal benefits. For example, the inherently flexible nature of the role means that when and how transcribers work is up to them. 

This inherent flexibility makes medical transcription the right career choice for a range of individuals. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income while you’re studying or wanting to see if your true passion lies in the medicine industry, transcription is for you.