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Pros And Cons Of Working As A Medical Transcriber

SyberScribe AUTHOR: SyberScribe, August 16th, 2016

If you’ve been looking for a new job role, you may have heard about opportunities for a position as a “medical transcriber”. This is a highly rewarding role in the medical industry which involves transcribing verbal medical notes into text, and can be an incredibly satisfying career.

Like all jobs, there are plenty of pros and cons involved. But whether you currently work in the healthcare industry or not, working as a medical transcriber is an interesting role to take on. Depending on how you work, your skills, and your personal circumstances, work as a transcriber may be an excellent new career option.


Choose your own hours

Because the role is often provided on a contractor basis, this gives you a little more room to choose your own hours. For example, you may work better in the evenings after 8pm. With this job, you can very well do that! This is a huge bonus, especially for those who have other commitments during normal workday hours.

Receive a great pay

Medical transcribing pays quite well. Even as a contractor, you could see yourself earning a decent wage; you need high accuracy skills and have to be able to type fast, and are well compensated for these abilities. However, it’s important to note that your pay depends on how productive you are. If you slack off, so will your pay.

Work from home

As you may be working on a contractor basis, this means you can work from home. Being able to work from home comes with many perks, such as flexible hours and being comfortable while at work. Being able to get up in the morning and head to your PC whenever you’re ready is a huge positive for many prospective applicants.

Save money by working from home

Because you’re not having to drive to your workplace, or catch a bus and train each day to get to the office, you can save some serious money. When you think about it, the amount of money spent on travel, parking fees, toll roads and petrol can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. By working from home, you’re saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

You have access to a huge market

When working remotely, you have the opportunity to open up your market to interstate clients. You’re not limited to clients in your immediate local area, and can approach finding work from several major cities. This is especially convenient for those living in rural areas or towns where employment levels are rather low.


If you’re constantly struggling to get jobs done, such as taking the kids to school in the mornings and picking them up again afterwards, you love the flexibility this job role offers. Because you can work whenever it suits you, it means you can run errands when you need to, and complete medical transcribing around these other tasks.

It’s interesting

For privacy reasons you cannot tell your friends about the details of your work, however you will find transcribing to be a very interesting job. You may have different items to transcribe each day, which will give you variety in your work and keep you interested for many years to come.

Employment security

There’s always a need for medical transcribers, and the industry demand is on the increase. With this role in healthcare looking to grow over the coming years, you can be sure to find employment within this job sector.


You need discipline

Yes, you can work from home, choose your hours and have ultimate flexibility, but you still need to work! If you find it hard to manage your time effectively, lack in discipline, or get suddenly panicked when faced with a deadline, this role may not be best for you.

Your family might not understand

As you’re working from home, it may be easy for friends and family to think that you’re available all the time, whenever they please. It may be hard to tell them you can’t do their errands or drop everything for lunch or coffee breaks during the day. They should understand if you tell them you’re working, but this may take some time to get used to.

Be aware of distractions

It can be easy to get distracted by your normal, everyday routine and the comforts of home. The television may be calling your name, episode re-runs may be tempting you, or your pets may be constantly wanting your attention. Although a small distraction here and there never hurt anyone, it’s important to know when to limit these distractions in order to continue getting the job done.

You may need daycare

There will be times when you will have a large workload and need to completely concentrate to get your tasks completed on time. When this happens, to keep on top of your workload you may need to send your children to daycare. If you have no access to daycare or child-minding facilities, this may be a problem if you need isolation to finish your work.

Superannuation and other health benefits

As you’re normally hired as a contractor, you will need to organise your own superannuation and other work-related benefits. Although this can be simple enough to organise yourself, it’s something that should be considered. If superannuation benefits paid by an employer is of high importance to you, you may want to reconsider this role, or see if you can be hired as an employee, rather than on a contractor basis.

The role is quite sedentary

If you’re used to working outdoors or like having a physical job, then this may not be the best job for you. This role will involve a lot of sitting at a computer or desk and typing for extended periods of time. If the idea of not seeing the outdoors for a few hours or sitting still during the day sounds like your idea of a nightmare, this role is not likely to suit your needs.

Medical transcription is quite varied, and will be a positive job choice for many. However, like any job you choose to pursue, it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons when trying to decide whether it’s really the career for you. You may find parts of the job aren’t to your liking, but that the pros definitely outweigh these. By addressing these concerns, you could very well likely be on your way to pursuing a new and rewarding job as a medical transcriber.