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Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

AUTHOR: SyberScribe, June 6th, 2017

Syberscribe - Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists provide an essential service to patients and health-care providers: accurate, detailed medical records. While it’s difficult to predict how much the industry will grow, one report has demand for medical transcriptionists rising by 11 per cent in the decade to 2018. Technology and convenience are some of the key driving factors behind rising demand for medical transcriptionists.

Cloud-based transcription solutions

Doctors and medical practices have become reliant on transcription services as secure cloud-based solutions grow. Internet reliability, app-based uploading, and rapid turnaround times make it convenient to have high volumes of records transcribed in a short amount of time. Security and reliability of the cloud could have also strengthened demand in cloud-based services.

Rise of digital self-service

Growing confidence in digital self-service providers could also drive even stronger demand for medical transcriptionists. Leading medical transcription providers offer streamlined platforms where customers can self-help – by uploading audio and ordering transcripts – to get the service they want. Quality transcription providers could even integrate transcription delivery with your platform.

As health-care providers become confident in the security and reliability of self-service options, they could experience higher customer satisfaction and continue to drive growing demand for medical transcriptions.

Health-care record regulations

Healthcare providers in Australia and around the world need to comply with privacy laws and medical information regulations. You might need to take measures to protect your patients’ privacy through procedures, encryption, and anti-malware tools.

For some small practices, maintaining in-house medical transcriptionists is already an unsustainable option. Add to this the compliance requirements and it becomes cost-effective and secure to outsource the service to medical transcription services. These companies could provide secure platforms and higher standards of service. This can translate to higher client satisfaction as well as greater demand for medical transcriptionists.

Document editing requirements

Software tools have advanced rapidly. Speech-recognition is often raised as a constraining factor for transcription demand. However, AI and speech recognition technologies can’t provide high accuracy for complex records with unpredictable language models. The industry demands skilled transcriptionists who can provide the level of editing required for detailed medical reports.

Speech-recognition software can’t provide accurate transcriptions for regular speech, largely because of the huge amounts of variation in human speech. This is why medical transcriptionists will likely remain in high demand for complex medical records and where language, dialect, and speech patterns remain a challenge.

The medical transcriptionist’s role is even more vital where editing and document checking is part of the service. In the future, medical transcriptionists might see their role expanding to compiling statistical information and generating reports and charts. As medical records become digitised, medical-transcription services could expand to include editing and updating patient records.

Digitisation of patient records

Demand for medical transcription could also grow because of the trend towards digitising and sharing digital patient records. Digitisation of health histories and patient data offers efficiencies over paper-based records. It also supports consistency, access, and sharing. Accurate records can even boost health outcomes by reducing the risk of medical errors.

Medical transcriptionists have a critical supporting role to play in digitising records. Transcription services offer medical practices an inexpensive and efficient way to upload information – voice recordings – and have it transcribed into uniform-format reports.

Skilled medical transcriptionists ensure consistency and accuracy, so it’s easy to share data with other health-care provider partners. Medical transcription services will likely become essential partners to health-care providers catching on to the record-digitalisation trend.

Ageing population

An aging population is likely to further drive demand for medical transcription. Older demographic groups tend to need more health-care services and hospitalisation. An ageing population is likely to drive up demand for health-care services at home and through residential care.

This spurs demand for sharing and generating accurate reports about test results or pathology, treatments, and procedures. Health-care providers – such as aged-care homes, hospitals, carers, and specialists – will need to share digital records quickly and accurately. Government entities, insurers, and regulators are some of the other stakeholders who’ll also need updates.

Growth of health-care industry

The expansion of the healthcare industry could also add to demand for medical transcriptionists. Technology advancements such as analytics could lead to new health-care services such as diagnostics, disease prevention, and remote patient management. These new services could fuel additional demand as health-care businesses strive to meet compliance and record-keeping requirements.

Demand for medical transcriptionists is likely to rise given technology and demographic trends in the coming years. Health-care providers need accurate, timely medical reports, and they’ll need patient reports to comply with regulations. Along with the ageing population, the convenience of accurate voice-to-text reports could continue to drive strong demand for medical transcriptionists.

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