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The Work From Home Jobs You Need To Know About

SyberScribe AUTHOR: SyberScribe, January 28th, 2022

Now more than ever workers are looking for ways to remain in the workforce on their own terms. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now multiple ways in which people can be employed.

One of these new and increasingly popular employment options is that of remote work. Under a remote working arrangement, individuals work solely at home, from the comfort of a home office, and there are no mandated in-office days or hours. 

Remote work opportunities are also flexible and can either be full time, part time or even freelance. Affording individuals in every life stage the opportunity and flexibility to work on their own terms, in their chosen industry or field. 

Job #1: Writer

Writing is an incredibly diverse career. Remote writers could write content for websites, articles for magazines, ad copy for marketing firms or even technical product manuals and ebooks.

This kind of variety makes writing a great remote work opportunity. Not only will writers get to set their own hours, no two days will ever be the same. Whether you’re working on writing reviews, marketing content or blog posts, each day will be interesting.

Job #2: Customer service representative

The invention of things like phones, email accounts, live chat and social media brings forth new opportunities. With the ability to utilise updated technology to their advantage, many companies are looking to employ remote customer service representatives.

Remote customer service representatives will be able to use a phone connection and associated online tools to answer potential and existing customer inquiries and complaints from the comfort of their home office.

Job #3: Programmer

Those with strong computer skills should consider entering the remote workforce as a programmer or software developer. Requiring a computer, an internet connection and programming platforms, this role can be completed from a home office. 

Put simply, programmers write computer software in fields like databases, security or software development in order to ensure that everyday people have access to things like websites and even games. 

Job #4: Consultant 

Remote consultancy allows individuals to put their knowledge or qualifications in certain areas to use, from the comfort of their own homes. As consultants help companies solve problems, implement improvements or complete projects, consultancy takes many forms. 

For example, a consultant may give advice to small businesses. In other situations, consultants help organisations implement new software. Increasingly in the modern day, consultants also assist businesses in becoming more environmentally friendly. 

Job #5: Editor

Editor positions offer extremely diverse remote work opportunities. In one instance, a remote editor may pitch ideas to companies, provide individualised feedback to writers or craft headlines. 

During the course of another day at the remote office, editors may correct typos and incorrect grammar present in existing content in order to make it clearer and stronger. There may also be times where remote editors are required to completely rewrite content. 

Job #6: Graphic designer

Graphic designers have a hand in crafting things like logos, websites, visual ads and even videos and social media posts. To be a remote graphic designer, individuals will need a laptop or desktop complete with the latest editing and designing software. 

Freelance graphic designers, much like freelance writers and editors, will need to make contact with agencies or individual businesses in order to receive enough work to sustain them. Remote graphic designers will also need to be able to work to deadlines.

Job #7: Online tutor 

Thanks to video conferencing solutions, tutors can now take their business remote and provide assistance to students from their very own home office. When thinking about becoming an online tutor, individuals should specialise in areas they are interested and qualified in.

For example, people with an english degree will suit being an online english teacher while math majors should stick to teaching math. To provide the best tutoring service, make sure to approach each session with a lesson plan.

Job# #8: Medical transcriber 

Joining the workforce as a remote medical transcriber is a fantastic opportunity for those who are interested in the medical field as well as those with strong comprehension and typing skills. 

A medical transcriber will listen to and transcribe medical records that have been dictated by doctors, specialists or other healthcare workers. Once the records have been transcribed, medical transcriptionists will need to review and edit the document to ensure accuracy. 

The rise of remote work 

With recent advancements in technology, working remotely is easier than ever before. To work successfully from home, all individuals need is a computer and internet connection. This way, meetings can take place and work can be completed from the comfort of a home office.

Whether you’re interested in showcasing your writing and editing or even your computer programming skills, remote work can facilitate this passion. For those interested in pursuing a career in medicine as a medical transcriber, visit Syberscribe’s careers page or contact us today.