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Becoming a medical transcriptionist is rewarding. However, succeeding in this profession requires hard work and dedication. If you’re interested in a career as a medical typist with Sybsercribe, explore our selection of great resources and see if this is the right job for you.

Working at Syberscribe

Starting your medical transcription career with us is a rewarding experience. From competitive remuneration to flexible working arrangements, this is a career that, for the right person, could be highly rewarding.

Experience & Requirements

To work for us, we require current experience spanning the last two years. While software experience is not specifically required, good computer and Internet navigational skills are seen as a plus.

It’s also important to note that our transcription jobs require the use of Windows computers. When purchasing a computer, look for one with suitable RAM and hard drive space, up to date Internet Explorer and Media Player.


Working as a medical typist has a number of benefits, one of them being the flexible nature of work. However, it’s worth noting that transcription companies have timelines to meet, so logging on for each shift is important.

The minimum requirement to contract to Syberscribe is 20 hours per week. You can choose to do these hours at your own pace because as a subcontractor, you are under no obligation to have set rostered hours.

Why Choose Syberscribe

We are a company renowned for our competitive remuneration, as well as our diverse client base and use of start of the art technology. This makes us an attractive proposition for those looking for medical transcription services and those looking for a job as a medical typist.

New Starter

At the beginning of your career as a medical typist, the task may seem daunting. To help you love your job while also constantly trying to improve, we have a range of resources that will come in handy.

Tips to Improve Your Medical Transcription Skills

Medical transcription is all about speed and accuracy. However, this can be a tricky combination when it comes to producing quality medical transcripts. With this in mind, here are 7 tips designed to help improve your medical transcription skills.

Free & Useful Resources for Medical Typists

Every day, medical transcriptionists need to deal with complex medical terms and names of medications. We have compiled a list of informative resources that can help those new to a career as a medical typist with things like software guides and typing programs.

What Criteria Do Employers Use to Define a Good Medical Transcriptionist

When it comes to employing individuals, we look for certain attributes. If you’re looking into becoming a medical transcriptionist, consider our expert insight into the 12 skills employers of transcriptionists are looking for.


What are the skills of a good medical transcriptionist?

There are a number of key skills which characterise a good medical transcriptionist. The need for an array of skills stems from the fact that medical transcriptionists need to work with and understand medical terminology. As there is a sense of urgency within the medical profession, medical transcriptionists must also be fast workers.

An important skill for any medical transcriptionist is competent punctuation, syntax and grammar. Medical transcriptionists who have a superior grasp on this skill can produce high quality reports and documents for healthcare professionals who need the right patient information. Conveying the wrong message through incorrect grammar may even expose an organisation to legal issues.

Typing accuracy is another important skill. Being able to identify the right medical terms and abbreviations used in the recordings and spelling them correctly can sometimes be the difference between a clear and misleading diagnosis.

Other skills of a good medical transcriptionist include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Computer literacy
  • Strong listening skills

What do you need to become qualified as a medical transcriptionist?

As medical transcriptionists play an important role in the healthcare industry, there are necessary qualifications that need to be obtained before gaining employment. Thanks to the increasing popularity of this job, there are a number of courses that are available nationally.

When looking for a course to help you become a medical transcription professional, it is important to select the course that is suitable to your current level of knowledge and experience.

One example of a relevant course is The Medical Terminology Course, which is nationally accredited. The course, which can be done remotely, teaches participants about the different systems of the human body, common diseases and treatments for common conditions.

The MediTrainOnline course is also available for those wanting to pursue a career in medical transcription online. Designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to become a medical transcriptionist, this course covers everything from medical terminology to audio-typing.

Can I work as a medical transcriptionist from home?

While a medical transcriptionist is a highly rewarding role in the medical industry, the job can also be completed from the comfort of your own home. As this role involves transcribing verbal medical notes into text, it can be completed anywhere.

The medical transcriptionist role is often provided on a contractor basis, which means that you can choose your own hours and where you work from. Provided you have the space and necessary technology at home, this role can be successfully done remotely.

While working from home may be both convenient and comfortable, it’s important to objectively assess how successful a working from home arrangement may be. This is because, when working as a medical transcriptionist, accuracy and focus are essential.

A medical transcriptionist’s pay is largely dependent on how productive they are. That’s why it is important to- if you choose to work from home- have a setup that is conducive to productivity and high quality output.

Seasoned Medical Typists

As the medical industry is constantly changing, your knowledge and skills as a medical transcriber will also need to be up to date. That’s why we have found a range of courses and reference materials that will help even the most seasoned of medical transcribers.

Courses & Apps for Improving Your Touch Typing

For any professional medical transcriptionist, having both a high and accurate word count is essential to quality output. If you’re searching for tools to help you improve, explore our top picks of websites and online courses for mastering touch typing.

Reference Materials for Medical Transcriptionists

Even the most seasoned of medical typists will need references on hand. This will help you produce high quality and accurate transcripts. For more information on the materials you should have, we’ve compiled a list of relevant books and programs.

Working as a Medical Transcriptionist

A Syberscribe medical typist is dedicated to offering a fast and accurate service, backed by a 100% digital brand. To help us service over 2,600 doctors throughout Australia, join our team of experts by enquiring with us today.

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SyberScribe has been a valuable supplier to the hospital SINCE 2002; they have worked with WINSCRIBE to outsource all our typing - we see them as a long term partner, providing high quality typing, elimination of backlogs and saving us money. Good people to work with - this is an excellent service".

Nicole Payne Health Information Services Manager St Vincents and Mercy Private Hospital Melbourne

As Manager of a busy Obstetric & Gynaecology practice I was looking for a professional, efficient company to undertake typing both on a business and personal basis. After trying other transcription companies, I eventually found the A1 service I was looking for. SyberScribe deliver an exceptional service..."

Belinda Lynch Practice Manager
Dr Stephen Morris

After trying a number of different transcription services and being disappointed, we found SyberScribe and I no longer hear complaints about quality or delays – it just happens"

David Hoy Business Manager
Vision Group - Victoria


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