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Outsourced Medical Transcription Services

  • SyberScribe provides a secure, tailored, low-cost outsourced medical transcription service exclusively to the Australian Healthcare Industry that meets individual needs via our internet-hosted dictation and transcription platform.
  • Our transcription service is available 24/7 with a 24/48-hour turn-around time (depending on volumes) and an urgent 5 hour service.
  • Our medical and hospital typing service provides the client with the confidence that accuracy, security, timeliness and efficiency of the flow of medical information will be maintained at all times.
  • If you want to outsource any services such as transcription and medical typing services from hospitals, clinics, medical centres and private practices, we have proven specialist experience in transcribing all types of medical reports for all specialties.
  • If you require any type of medical transcription service, such as hospital audio typing, contact us. We specialise in connecting to WINSCRIBE 3M DATAWORXS and LANIER systems.
  • We can provide references from our clients who have experienced the SyberScribe service for over 10 years.

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What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription is the process of turning voice-recorded medical reports from healthcare professionals into written text. The digital voice recordings are encrypted and transferred electronically to the transcription service provider. The reports are then played back through a transcriptionist’s headphones and typed word-for-word into a digital document.

Transcription services are becoming increasingly common in medicine today. This is because clinics are rapidly taking the place of the family doctor, increasing the need to have accurate written notes on patients who may see a different doctor each time they attend a practice.

Increasing compliance regulations and a growing need for medical professionals to protect themselves against litigation have also led to the growth of medical transcription services.

But the cost of having medical transcriptionists on staff at hospitals and medical practices is high, so the task of transcribing medical reports is usually outsourced to a medical transcription service.

Why should you outsource your medical transcription?

There are a number of benefits in outsourcing your medical transcription services, including:

  • Cost

    The alternative to outsourcing transcription services is to have your own in-house team. As well as the recruitment, training and labour costs this would entail, you would also need to cover the costs of the purchase and maintenance of transcription equipment. When you outsource, you pay by the job and all other costs associated with running a transcription team are born by the service provider.
  • Speed

    Medical transcription services usually offer guaranteed turnaround times and have the resources necessary to handle unexpected spikes in volume, meaning you’ll receive your reports in a timely manner regardless of if you have a few or a hundred to be transcribed.
  • Accuracy

    This can mean the difference between the correct or incorrect diagnosis and treatment of a patient. An outsourced transcription service has highly trained staff and uses rigorous editing and proofreading processes to ensure reports are accurate.
  • Security

    Those in the medical profession deal with sensitive health information on a regular basis and have obligations under the law regarding privacy and confidentiality. Medical transcription service providers employ a range of data protection measures, including the latest encryption and security processes, to keep personal information safe.
  • Expertise

    Medical terminology is complex and constantly evolving, requiring a high level of expertise to understand. A good transcription service trains its transcriptionists to ensure they’re up to date with the latest medical terminology.

Why use SyberScribe medical transcription services?

When looking for a medical transcription service provider to outsource your work to, it’s important to choose one with a proven track record. When you use SyberScribe, you’ll enjoy:

  • Low cost

    We provide a tailored, low-cost, outsourced medical transcription service exclusively to the Australian healthcare industry that meets your needs via our internet-hosted dictation and transcription platform.
  • Quick turnaround

    Our transcription service is available 24/7, with a 24/48-hour turnaround time (depending on volumes) and an urgent 5-hour service.
  • Accuracy

    We guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy on all transcribed documents with good audio quality, and we strive to achieve 100% accuracy. We have a rigorous quality assurance programme where every document is proofread by our highly trained and experienced editors.
  • Data security

    Dictations and transcribed documents travel through network lines that are secured using the latest encryption and security processes. This includes data encryption (128 bit/SSL), passwords, audit trails, confidentiality agreements signed by all staff, backups and anti-virus checks. We continuously monitor security and confidentiality, and our platform is HIPAA compliant.
  • Specialist experience and systems

    You can outsource services such as transcription and medical typing for hospitals, clinics, medical centres and private practices to us. We have proven expertise in transcribing all types of medical reports for all specialties, and our staff undergo intensive, ongoing training to stay up to date with medical terminology, drugs and pathology to ensure the highest quality of every document. We also specialise in connecting to WINSCRIBE 3M DATAWORXS and LANIER systems.


What is the best way to choose a medical transcription provider?

Retaining the services of a medical transcriptionist is an essential part of running a medical practice. Accurate, reliable and timely transcriptions are important for the medical practice and its patients, so when it comes time to hire, look for the best.

Choosing the right medical transcription provider can come down to a number of key factors, such as:

  • Cost: This relates to whether the provider charges per minute or per line. Additional charges for things like quick turnarounds or multiple speakers should also be investigated.
  • Turnaround time: Most services have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. However, it is worth clarifying if there will be an additional charge for files completed in under 24 hours.
  • Expertise and experience: Providers with proven expertise and experience are more likely to offer greater accuracy and higher quality transcriptions that correctly utilise medical terms.
  • Accuracy: A service that guarantees an accuracy rate of at least 98% is preferable. Additionally, a provider that uses human, rather than machine transcription will be more accurate.

How can medical transcription support clinics & practices during a pandemic/medical crisis?

Having accurate records to follow is vital in the medical profession. In a time of national or even personal crisis, the importance of accurate records increases tenfold. As medical transcriptionists listen to audio files and transcribe them into a patient record, keeping on top of work is vital during a crisis.

By keeping on top of work and providing transcribed files within the 24-48 hour time frame, medical transcriptionists are helping doctors give their patients the best care possible. At a time when the world is in a health crisis, access to such files means that patients are getting the best care in the shortest possible time frame.

Medical transcription not only allows medical practices to provide good and effective care, this service also improves the practice’s operations. This is because accurate record keeping ensures that information is handled, categorised and stored correctly which reduces errors.

What are the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription in a practice?

Outsourcing medical transcription provides a range of benefits to the practice. In an industry that revolves around patient care, a main benefit of outsourcing medical transcription is the fact that doctors and other staff can spend more time with patients.

When doctor’s and other staff members at the practice aren’t transcribing their own notes, they are afforded the luxury of time. This time could be spent bettering the practice, learning new skills or dedicating more hours to patients.

By outsourcing medical transcription to a service provider, doctors don’t need to feel overwhelmed by responsibility. This in turn takes pressure away, allowing doctors to focus on providing essential care the right way.

Outsourcing medical transcription also has monetary benefits. Instead of paying staff members hourly rates or salaries to transcribe audio files, outsourcing to medical transcription services means you only have to pay per transcription job.

What are good dictation practices and how can they help when outsourcing medical transcription?

Accurate and efficient medical transcription is achieved with the help of the medical transcriber and the individual who is dictating the audio file. This is because medical transcribers have an easier task to perform when the audio file they are required to transcribe has been recorded in conjunction with good dictation practices.

When it comes to good dictation practices, a great place to start is with the recording equipment itself. You want it to be high quality so that things like static don’t get in the transcriber’s way. Another important trick is finding the right environment to record in . You want a quiet place without much background noise or interference.

Those making an audio report should always work out what they want to convey before pressing record. By making a plan, the recording will have good structure while also conveying the necessary information, helping the transcriber to put together a coherent written report.

What our clients say about us

Our Practice required immediate transcription services on a short-term basis. The services provided by SyberScribe were extremely efficient and professional. There were no set up costs or administration fees. The typing accuracy was 100%, and the turnaround time was 24 to 48 hours. I highly recommend SyberScribe to Medical Practices requiring short term or long term transcription services.

Kim Moller – Practice Manager – Dr Enzo Lazzaro, Urologist, Sydney

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